Admiral Peter W.G. Cowell

Office Term:15/02/2017 - Present

A proud member of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers.

Originally I enlisted in the Australian Army Reserve for 6 years where I served in an Armored recon Regiment. 1st / 15th RNSWL (Cavalry), undertaking many specialist courses including basic Intel which set the scene for my career post-Army. I transferred to the Corps of Engineers 5 Field Squadron 4 Field Engineer Regiment. I later moved on to Law Enforcement within the area of Corrections and Internal Investigations. Due to my earlier service with the army and basic Intel courses etc, during service with an (N.G.O.) In the course of my duties, I became aware of new technology potentially both of military threat and of probable use in the war against Terror. I brought it to the attention of senior military authorities.

thereafter, I worked on capability and application ( of said technology which is now in use today). This background together with my study's in Security, Terrorism & Counterterrorism and a second major also still underway, in Law Studies, has seen me move into the Intelligence Community.

Today, as an IntSAR Admiral with experience in Intelligence. I have 25 years in total within the services. In accordance with the official secrets act the remainder of my service is confidential due to its nature.

I also provide limited consultancy on Geo-strategic Military matters and serve as coordinator for the diplomatic effort to establish the IntSAR Commission by means of a multinational treaty.

For a time I had been working in the civilian Transport industry (to reduce stress), where I encountered more criminality and violence than I expected. I currently campaign against workplace bullying in an effort to reduce the suicide rate resulting from the sanctioned bullying culture throughout the management.

I am proud to be serving as a Commissioned Officer with IntSAR.